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PLAN 2023 Create a Road map to your Goals - 17th & 18th December 

Exclusive Weekend Journal Writing Workshop - 11:30am to 1:30pm | Online | Zoom

You will also get the recording of the course

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Own Your 2023 - Make the best out of Upcoming Year.


Own Your year before it sets in ! 
Learn  Journaling techniques that will transform your life and make your goals achievable. 


*Set and Manifest Your Goals 
*Create a Vision Board for Upcoming Year 
*Transition Your Past to a better Future
*How to Introspect your progress everyday
*Take back the control of your Life/ Train Your Mind
*Don't Go with the Flow, Be the Flow


You will Get:
• 2023 Planner Kit
• Recordings of the workshop
•Be a part of Journal Writing Community -Access to Monthly Meet ups with me and the entire Journal community throughout 2023 making sure your journals are warmed up. 
Journal Community is where we all help and motivate each other to be consistent with these life changing habits and goals. 

You can attend January batch as well - 7th & 8th January - if u miss one.

These goals are what you’d strive for every single day. As you re-read your goals, you start to embody them and make them a part of you and every decision you make.

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