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Oct 13, 2020
In Authors Forum
I started journaling few months back and yes it has been an awesome journey so far. I want to share something that i felt and maybe it’s common across many people So, in our life there are some instances or you can say situations in which some decisions have to be taken, but what happens is we feel that something is pulling us or stopping us from taking such decisions. It may be because of the consequences of what will happen afterwards and we don‘t have the confidence to do it but yes something does stop us. So with the help of journalism it has become easy to take such decisions because when k write down what i am thinking and why is so and what can be the outcome it gives me a clear picture and most importantly it gives me CONFIDENCE to take that decision. I am thankful that i have something like journaling which helps me like this as no one can. What are your thoughts? Does it happen with you guys also? Yaishle Kuchhal


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