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Beat Procrastination - 4 hr Intensive Journal Writing Course

  • Batch 1  ~ 

  • Batch 2  ~

11th September
18th September

Live on ZOOM | In-person in Mumbai @ Doolally Taproom - KHAR
Flexibility to attend ONLINE & IN-PERSON any batch, The recordings of the course will be provided




PART 1 - Know Your Real Roots of Procrastination and Cure them.

Humans are controlled by emotions, when you are putting off some tasks repeatedly, it is because of hidden emotions that are controlling you. You will be taken through Ideal Journaling Techniques to know the real roots of your procrastination and instantly cure them.

PART 2 - Learn a special Goal Setting Methodology

This goal setting & planning method will effortlessly bring your goals closer in your life and will make them achievable.

part 3 - Build your Self Motivation and Self Control

The key factors to stay consistent on path of your dream life is Self Motivation and Self Control, And we build it together in this course and in your day-to-day life.

Attending In Person 

Reach venue 30 minutes before the session, we begin at 11.30am 45min Lunch break @1pm(Rs 300 redeemable food voucher)

You will also get Rs 300/- redeemable food voucher. 


Attending In LIVE on ZOOM

Take your seats 15 minutes before the session , we begin at 11.30am 45min Lunch break @1pm, The Journal will be delivered to you at your home. 


  1. Exclusive Mini Journal of Worksheets to be used in Workshop(will be delivered to your home for Online participants)

  2. Recordings of all the sessions Bonus Journaling Course - Create Your Vision Board(Recorded)

  3. Monthly Journaling Meets with your Community and me, keeping you consistent on your path of goals.

If you choose to do Course without the Journal Following material has to be kept ready - 

  1. You will receive PDF of the worksheets that you can take the print outs.

  2. A journal & a pen.

P.S -Online Participants-  In order to receive The Journal well in time, timely confirmation is much appreciated (4 days before the course) :)

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