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Expressive Art Therapy

Self Healing with Art & Journaling - 1 month Course

Discover the power of self-expression and healing with art in this empowering course. Master this powerful DIY tool and take control of your life. Explore your thoughts, feelings & delve into the profound connection between art, self-discovery, and healing. Whether you’re seeking personal, professional, emotional growth this course is your canvas for exploration.

Batch 1: Everyday Saturday 



Batch 2: Everyday Sunday 

Flexibility to attend Any batch

20th July/21st July  to  10th/11th Aug

11.30am to 1.30pm

Live | Weekend | Google Meet


Tata Institute of Social Science

Certified From



Successful Batches




Crafted for Everyone

“Wellness for All: A Journey to Personal Mastery and Harmony”


You don't have to be an Artist, Create Art for the

Sake of Pure Enjoyment 

Its Meditative , discover your hidden emotions & thoughts


Unleash Your Confidence &

Self Esteem


Better communication & Problem Solving Skills


The Curriculum

WEEK 1 - Map Your Brain

  • Make a visual representation of your thoughts.

  • Identify your mind's working

  • Your thoughts shape your future. Understand them to guide your path.

Easy Doodle - Know Your Thoughts

WEEK 2 - Words You Live By Collage

  • When words fail, express your feelings through a spontaneous collage, mirroring emotions visually.

  • This method doesn't need drawing or painting & lets you see your inner life in a fresh way.

Emotional Intelligence


  • Buddhist Monks practice calligraphy for mindfulness

  • Calligraphic handwriting has the ability to decrease heart rates.

  • These effects are similar to the calming effects of practicing meditation.


  • Become aware of different aspects of your identity, including your future goals, strengths and your support system

  • This art therapy directive is to identify your coping skills, to achieve your goals and get through difficult times.

Transformation Stories

May Batch Participants Art Work