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Meditate & Journal

This Program will uncover a number of Meditation and Journaling techniques from which you can pick what works the best for you and integrate them in your lifestyle.

By the end of this training you will feel empowered having your own practice to always perform top of your game, sleep better, be more productive, confident and patient.

17th June to 7th July

Batch 1: Everyday Morning

            @7.00 am to 8am

Live + Recording

Batch 2: Everyday Evening

             @7.00 pm to 8pm





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Transformative Benefits

Controlled Emotional Triggers

You will enter a safe space to express your emotions. Learn to respond and not react impulsively in relationships

Transform Negative Thoughts into Positive Action

Learn powerful practices to reshape your mindset towards evergreen positivity.

Beat Procrastination & Achieve Peak Performance

Journaling stimulates creative thinking and brainstorming, promoting  innovation and idea generation.

Cultivate Self-Acceptance and Confidence

Through meditation and journaling, you’ll  paint a new empowered self-portrait—free from self doubt.

Crafted for Everyone

“Wellness for All: A Journey to Personal Mastery and Harmony”

Seeking Inner Healing

Heal your emotions at their core. Master the art of true forgiveness and release the burdens of the past.

Want to Unlock Your True Potential

Are you aiming for peak performance, creativity, and confidence, look no further. Craft your own practice that will unlock your full potential to thrive in every aspect of life.

Balancing Burnout

Meditation and journaling ease stress, set boundaries, and prioritize tasks, fostering work-life balance, nurturing your physical & mental health

Meditation for the Modern World

Even the busiest individuals can find sanctuary in this practice, transforming spare moments into opportunities for growth.

What You Will Get?


Exclusive Study Material & Handmade Paper Journal delivered to your doorstep.


Recordings Of All The Lectures and Meditations replay at your leisure.


Bonus Journaling Course Included "Create your vision board" and "Turning dreams into tangible goals".


Flexibility To Attend in the Morning batch (7am - 8am) or Evening batch (7pm - 8pm).


Bonus Yoga Sessions Twice A Week on Tuesday & Thursday @5.30pm.


Community Access Live Monthly Journaling Meets throughout the year.

Its beauty is Simplicity , allowing you to incorporate meditation and journaling into your daily routine effortlessly.

The Curriculum

Part 1: Level Up Your Meditation Practice

  • You'll learn step-by-step meditation techniques to craft your morning practice.

  • Includes Balancing Breath and a simple method for accessing the present moment instantly.

  • Also, master a "lazy person's" meditation for pinpoint awareness anytime.

Part 2: Learn The Power of Journal Writing

  • Here, you dive into the real world, learning to use Meditation and Journaling for everyday challenges.

  • Discover how to navigate fight or flight triggers, implement an emotional detox system, and add stillness to your busy day.

  • Plus, master effortless forgiveness for unshakeable resilience in life and work.

Day Wise Curriculum

Day 1:

Introduction to meditation & Journaling

Day 4:

Know your Anger & its antidotes

Day 7:

Uncover Science of Gratitude

Day 10:

Courage to accept change

Day 13:

Beat procrastination

Day 16:

Building Self confidence

Day 19:

Finding Your state of flow

Day 2:

The Balancing Breath Technique

Day 5:

Objects of concentration BODY & PURPOSE

Day 8:

All you need is Love Technique

Day 11:

Concept of Love V/s Attachment

Day 14:

Working with jealousy / comparison

Day 17:

Forgiveness , letting go of your Past

Day 20:

Busting meditation & Journaling Myths

Day 3:

Separating yourself from your mind

Day 6:

Crafting your morning meditation practice

Day 9:

Getting rid Sense of Self/”I”/ ego

Day 12:

Getting rid of seeking External validations

Day 15:

Cultivating self compassion

Day 18:

Building will power

Day 21:

Learning to live in present MOMENT

Your Exclusive Course Materials 

Here is everything you need to embark the Transformational  journey to master Of your mind and Life.

This Booklet has All the Meditation and Journaling techniques you will learn in this course, to reinforce the techniques precisely.

  • Meditate & Journal Booklet

  • ⁠Handmade paper Journal Will be delivered to you at Your Home before the course begins

Cave Hiker

The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments.