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Art Therapy
Course Kit

Everything you need for the course will be packed and delivered to your Home. 

I am a Journal Writing Therapist  (Women Specialist)

I am here to help Women figure out what brings you true joy & how you can bring it into your life with a simple yet very Powerful Tool - Journal Writing

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Expressive Art Therapy 

Self Healing with Art & Journaling 

~1 Month Course~

  • You don't have to be an Artist

  • Simply create art for the sake of pure enjoyment

  • It is meditative, discover your hidden emotions and thoughts

  • Unleash your confidence and Self Esteem ,

  • Enhanced communication and problem- solving skills

The Course is designed to teach Self Expressive Art Therapy who want to learn and explore about their true selves with Art And Journaling. Learn this powerful DIY Therapy tool and take control of your life. Explore your thoughts and feelings, Discover the power of self-expression and healing with art.



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Vishika Nidhi Kunder

My Journey with Yashasvi in the course Journaling is Healing was absolutely amazing.It's a very well structured course.Assignments given are very Thoughtful and helps us go deep within ourselves .It has given me a direction and a positive approach towards life.From the many things I learnt ..most favorite take away from these sessions were "Be happy and grateful towards everyone and everything around you " .. Be in the now . Kindle your passion to find your purpose in life. These are not just words but the moment I started implementing them, my entire outlook towards my Life had changed.  My relationship towards myself  and  others around has changed.Thank you Yashasvi for the amazing experience.

Happiness is Living in Present 

There is a mysterious voice in your mind that keeps talking to you.

This voice is only tangible to you, you know what I am talking about.  

Inspite of great career, partner, kids, home this voice never leaves you. Your mind keeps dwelling between past and future thus

you miss living in the present moment.

But.. Present is the only real thing, the moment you are in because past has gone and future is always uncertain.

Journaling has the power to bring you to present, get rid of emotional triggers from past, know your priorities, goals in present and act on them, feel empowered and confident.

How I can Help you 



I am a Journal Writing Therapist and a Lifestyle coach, my purpose in life is to bring strength and happiness into Women's Life.

I’ve developed a four-week program designed to take you from feeling lost and stuck, to knowing exactly what you’re here to do and how to make it happen.


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