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14 Things You can Do to take charge of 2021


These days around New Year are always kind of overwhelming, we are all celebrating but we really don't exactly know what. The routines goes out of the window, we indulge in chocolates and feasts.

But in between of all these feelings and wracking between family, work, kids we all are excited because it's 1st January once again and we want to live this phase of 12 months all over again and this time better than before.

2020 has given us all crazy months, and I think we’re all ready for the fresh start of a new year and the renewed sense of possibility and potential.

After months of uncertainty, we want to charge and take control of our lives as much as we can. And Yes its a great Thought. Now is definitely the time to do this...

I want to share a list of the ways you can take as much control as possible in the coming year. Doing all of them is not mandatory , but choose the ones that would be most beneficial for you. And obviously, keep in mind that there will always be things outside our control in life. But when you’re feeling stuck in uncertainty, taking charge and responsibility of what you can is so empowering.