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14 Things You can Do to take charge of 2021


These days around New Year are always kind of overwhelming, we are all celebrating but we really don't exactly know what. The routines goes out of the window, we indulge in chocolates and feasts.

But in between of all these feelings and wracking between family, work, kids we all are excited because it's 1st January once again and we want to live this phase of 12 months all over again and this time better than before.

2020 has given us all crazy months, and I think we’re all ready for the fresh start of a new year and the renewed sense of possibility and potential.

After months of uncertainty, we want to charge and take control of our lives as much as we can. And Yes its a great Thought. Now is definitely the time to do this...

I want to share a list of the ways you can take as much control as possible in the coming year. Doing all of them is not mandatory , but choose the ones that would be most beneficial for you. And obviously, keep in mind that there will always be things outside our control in life. But when you’re feeling stuck in uncertainty, taking charge and responsibility of what you can is so empowering.

Here are 14 things you can do to take charge of your life in 2021:

  1. Manage anxiety and reduce stress. This has been challenging for most of us. I’ve loved Breathing exercises( Yogic Breathing) lately- It helps you calm down your nerves immediately - highly recommended for hyper tension.

  2. Set goals. Long term and short term, What do you exactly want from your life , Every day goals keeping your long term goals in mind.

  3. Manage Finances. This is something we don't do often and wonder about the expenditures. Try to not shop unnecessary items that only occupy space and are of less value in life. Reduce your loans, be consistent in savings.

  4. Nurture your relationships. Relationships are part and parcel of your life, having happy healthy relationships boosts your well being. Reflect back on your 2020 relationships, Which relationships are important and you want to keep close and which one need some improvement, take some baby steps towards each of them

  5. Focus on self care & energy. This is of utmost importance, since you wake up until you go to bed you are juggling between work, family, house hold chores and what not. Take a break each day and rejuvenate yourself spend sometime doing an activity that you truly love. If you feel drained in energy, this is the time you definitely need to focus on your energy

  6. Good health and nutrition. The vehicle of your survival is your body, take utmost care of it specially in pandemic, We often take it for granted but this is something we should regularly nurture.

  7. Mindfulness and meditation. With your everyday schedule of running a race of life, take 10minutes to sit in silence and hear the silence inside you, You will find the bliss not anywhere else but your own self.

  8. Develop your career (or start a new one!). How has the year been your professional Life ? Do you have a work life balance? Do you like what you do? Or the problem lies in the area how you do it? Often the problem is how and not what. Do you want take up some courses to change your career? Take sometime to figure how do you want your professional life to be.

  9. Start or grow a business. Pandemic has definitely given birth to new small scale business emerged out of necessity, monotony or passion. I have my own storing of Journaling Is Healing where I met all of you. And yes having something of your own is so exciting. Don't be afraid to start one and most importantly don't assume your failure before you have even started.

  10. Manifest what you want in life. I think a bit different here, this is another side of my thought process away from being practical and rational. The Law of Abundance definitely plays role, the universe gives it back to you what you sow, You definitely reap what you sow. Express gratitude.

  11. Living sustainably. This is something I’m especially passionate about and am more conscious of in the current climate. Taking charge and being mindful of how you live sets a great example for future generations.

  12. Productivity. I want to include this with a caveat - you don’t need to be productive every moment of the day. And there are times where just getting through the week is enough, and productivity is going to be the last thing on your mind. But when you’re in the zone and ready to take action, productivity almost feels blissful. It’s such a good feeling being organised and on top of things, creating everyday to-do list really helps

  13. Increase confidence. This is especially important if your confidence has taken a knock this year. Rebuilding confidence is an exercise in personal growth and self-reflection - it can take a little while to bounce back, but you will get there. Know what are your strengths and if there are any under exercised talents?

  14. Develop a healthy mindset. This is so important for resilience. If you have a strong and healthy mindset, you can withstand life’s challenges and process the inevitable ups and downs. This is a powerful way to take charge of your life because your mental health is of utmost priority.

What are those things from this list that you want to want focus on this year ? Would love to hear back what you guys are planning ? Drop comments Let me know :)

Look forward for the next piece, yes I am excited to share all the tips and tricks this year, EXCITED !!

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1 Comment

Mittal Dawda
Mittal Dawda
Jan 05, 2021

I feel all the 14 points are really important .So difficult to pick. but I am very keen and loiking forward to focus on setting goals, career, starting my own, nurturing relationships. Loving my self more and more, finance... To get more deeper, I would like to be more organized than before, more kind to myself, develop new professional abs personal network, Move out of my comfort zone, improve my relationship with myself, Work life balance, Act more and more, be consistent with journalling.. And many more things... I think I will end up writing article here. Hahahaha

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