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Leh - What I am taking back Home ?

I am 2.5 hours away from reaching home. Home is in Sonipat, a city in state of Haryana 50km from our capital New Delhi. Coming back after 11 days of a road journey to Leh, Covering over 3200Km crossing states - Haryana - Punjab- Jammu - Srinagar -and finally Ladakh during this time.

Saw Geographical climatic changes everyday. From city traffic to green mountains with rivers & valleys flowing in Srinagar, shepherds grazing their sheep , children playing on road side, huge barren mountains , tree lines vanished , the 135km long salt water lake shared between India and China and what not. I have came back home with a view of a completely different world where some of us (humans) live, in this write up I want to share the most significant of all I have gathered in last 11 days.

Thus if you want to learn it with me, keep your mind and heart open for this new perspective I am going to open for you.

Pangong Tso- 135km long Salt water lake, shared between India & China

Tso Pangong was our last destination and it was a 6 hour drive from Nubra Valley, while we were on this drive the only feeling I had was being grateful.

Let me try to elaborate. I was in awe with the majestic mountains, rivers, and everything my eyes were catching the sight of. I was so fascinated and came into the present moment completely, It was then I folded my hands in prayer position and was very thankful in the first place for being there & able to have a sight of the majestic nature. The aura of the lofty scapes with mountains was so strong & firm, they were immovable like an Emperor and yet so humble . They were simply there as if letting us also be there in harmony and enjoy their glory. I was only thankful to them for letting me be there and experience the pleasure of giving this treat to my body n soul.

We as humans grow in age and also in our egos. Age increases in number and intensifies the Ego. Nature on the other hand is so magnificent & is yet so humble. We are mere tiny creatures, we are not a thing, and you can see this quality in people living there, in the middle of majestic nature.

We stayed at some really fancy properties like Ladakh Sarai, Stone hedge to name a few. At one of the places, guy who was cleaning our table and serving us food was the owner of that magnificent fancy place itself. I could not believe what I came to know in that moment. At another place the owner himself was taking the luggage from car to our rooms. Yes I was completely in Awe and I am sure so are you right now.

And this is what I am coming back home with -

Be more Humble Drop all your Ego !! You can still be magnificent and majestic and have no Ego.

Stay tuned here. keep an eye on your mailbox, the announcement of Journaling Is Healing - 1 month Journaling Course coming out soon.


Yashasvi ,

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Garvit Sharma
Garvit Sharma
Jul 19, 2021

Good read ! It's amazing how much you can gain from a travel experience. Here's to many more of such excursions !!


Jul 15, 2021

This is beautiful ❤️ thank you for sharing this perspective. It's such a beautiful feeling to remain grounded and grateful....

Yashasvi Kuchhal
Yashasvi Kuchhal
Jul 16, 2021
Replying to

Indeed, m trying to stick to it as much as I can ♥️

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