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Leh - What I am taking back Home ?

I am 2.5 hours away from reaching home. Home is in Sonipat, a city in state of Haryana 50km from our capital New Delhi. Coming back after 11 days of a road journey to Leh, Covering over 3200Km crossing states - Haryana - Punjab- Jammu - Srinagar -and finally Ladakh during this time.

Saw Geographical climatic changes everyday. From city traffic to green mountains with rivers & valleys flowing in Srinagar, shepherds grazing their sheep , children playing on road side, huge barren mountains , tree lines vanished , the 135km long salt water lake shared between India and China and what not. I have came back home with a view of a completely different world where some of us (humans) live, in this write up I want to share the most significant of all I have gathered in last 11 days.

Thus if you want to learn it with me, keep your mind and heart open for this new perspective I am going to open for you.