Living your Purpose with Passion

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Passion And Purpose are commonly heard words,

Finding your passion, Living a life of purpose is the most rewarding feeling.

When you get up in morning looking forward to your day and sleep in the night with a feeling of contentment. Can you even imagine how it feels like?

But it is easier said than done, knowing your purpose, and bringing it into your life is still a question mark ?

Feel stagnant and unhappy staying in this phase of life ?

I exactly know how it feels hanging on a hook and swaying, not having that power to direct and channelise the energy you feel within. Some kind of hopelessness obstructs your path.

Like you I have been sailing in the same boat, was into an 8 hour long IT job for years.

I studies B.Tech Computer Science, worked for 2yrs with TCS and the 2 years with AON, while in job tried my hands on Zumba, got licensed to teach Zumba started free lancing, joined yoga classes, got certified 500hour TTC started teaching yoga, spent a month in an Ashram writing Journals, discovering myself when Finally I quit my job.

I Found my Passion and Purpose, & living them has made me a different person I have not known all my life.

My Purpose is to empower women in finding their purpose.

The practice and belief that I always hold high in my body and mind is

“I am not hesitant to learn new things , I do not Think of failures before I start, there is non attachment to the fruit of effort I put in “

Today besides teaching physical fitness I am teaching mindfulness though Journaling Is Healing to over 200 participants every month.

I create content to around these topics to help you find the path that is meant for you.

You will be able to find a lot of free content on this website, IG @yashasvikuchhal or you can also subscribe and be an active member of the forums on Journaling Is Healing.

My articles will always be packed with valuable information, I would also like to hear back what kind of articles and tools are helping you.

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