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Peace - Let's Define and Journal

Peace - Lets Define it Practically

We all Lure for peace, If I ask you what do you want from life, most of you will say Peace.

Before you read further, take a while and Define peace for yourself?


Most of your answers are right, but How can we find peace? I am taking this space today to define and explain How to find Peace. This is explained very gracefully in The book named

“POWER OF NOW” by Eckhart Tolle

“ Do not offer any resistance to present, Allow the present moment to be, and accept the Impermanence of everything”.

This implies Be present, live present do not get attached to the joy you have in present, it can be impermanent and may not exist tomorrow, don't try keep searching happiness in yesterday, Stay in Now 100% and accept the change as it comes.

In Your Journals Answer ~

1.Are you trying to find happiness in past (memory/experience that does not exist anymore) ?

2.Does this Restricts you to be in Present and how ?

3.What are the great things you have in your present ? How do you want them to grow in abundance?

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